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This medical model is the most valuable and effective of the modern era. It is a discovery made by the Mexican doctor Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán® in 1988 after he managed to understand that diseases cannot live in a neutral environment.

  • Medical Biomagnetism® and Biomagnetic Pair® involve communication through body points to determine, through a binary indicator (extension-contraction) between therapist and patient, the biomagnetic region that is in a dysfunctional state and that has been invaded by pathogenic elements or dysfunctional.
  • From this, the irregular fields can be regulated by means of magnets to restore both Biomagnetic (cellular frequencies) and biochemical (PH - Potential of hydrogen, neurotransmitters, neuroregulators, hormones and enzymes) balance.
  • The method assumes that the vast majority of diseases are caused by a micro infection, that is, subclinical, or macro infection manifested by bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and in turn create or leave syndromes and dysfunctions.
  • The system consists of recognizing altered anatomical points in their PH (hydrogen potential). This recognition is carried out with high-power passive magnets in GAUS (not electrified or connected to electronic machines) that are applied to the patient's body as if it were a biomagnetic scan or scan.
  • Once the points that correspond to organs and tissues that suffer from the distortion have been recognized and confirmed, the therapist impacts the pairs of magnets for 10 to 15 min for each point and they are generally applied simultaneously.
  • The disease is located in the organ or tissue in imbalance between positive and negative charges (greater charge of positive ions or negative ions). Corrected this ionic alteration (leveling the PH of the affected organ), the problem disappears, since it returns to the initial equilibrium point NEN (normal energy level). - Biomagnetism is in charge of this, thanks to its force or energy of polarity; the negative charge is capable of impacting a similar pathological charge, which is canceled when meeting the positive charge. - Viruses can live in acidic environments (ph. between 0 -6.5) - Bacteria can live in alkaline environments (ph. between 7.5 and 14) Neither these nor fungi, parasites or pathogenic microorganisms can live in PH 7, which is the neutral level, thus correcting abnormalities and dysfunctions.

All this theory was developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran® and the Medical Biomagnetism Research Center in Mexico City and is endorsed and proven by his patients and studies carried out at the Autonomous University of Chapingo Mexico, University of Loja in Ecuador, Spanish Association of Medical Biomagnetism, Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetism as well as health authorities from countries such as Ecuador, Chile and Cuba.

Note: Until March 2014, more than 500 thousand patients had been treated in consultation by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán and more than 15 million patients with this therapy worldwide.