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The justification is found in the principles of physics and in the distension and contraction of the body due to levels of imbalance when impacting with a magnetic field greater than 1000 gauss of magnetic flux, this being a magnet of at least 3kg. subjection according to the statements of Dr. Isaac Goiz.

For this, the alkalosis of the body is sought with the negative pair, that is, the point with a high pH, the way to identify it will be known because the right foot will shrink, this is due to the cutting and contraction of the energy communication when pushing the load with the magnet in negative at an alkaline point, it is summarized in the contraction of the muscle mass, it is the potassium in the muscle that allows the hemi-body or the foot to shorten in the presence of magnetism against the imbalance of charges. That is when you should look for the acidotic resonance point with the + pole (whether north or south, whatever you want to call it) to push the charges to the ph 7.4 level, which is the neutrality or ph of the water.

The other Biomagnetism therapies are MONOPOLAR, which means that in biomagnetism one pole + and one - must ALWAYS be impacted, otherwise there can be no therapeutic effect depending on the therapy.

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