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Geographic Poles and Magnetic Poles ! Which is the right Pole?

The earth has polo NORTH and SOUTH POLE, like living beings, our head is north and feet is the SUR, but measuring devices is BACKWARDS, and are called MAGNETIC POLES ... why is this? very simple.

Since the earth is a giant magnet, the NORTH POLE  ranks up from Europe, then a MAGNETIC MEASUREMENT like the compass dial´s the SOUTH , since opposite charges attract, so if you a magnet intended to take us to the North Pole must do so with the negative side surface.

The magnetic poles should be different geographic, because if it were not so, a compass not work properly, why are the magnetic poles reversed the geographical invested. People who have conflicts about what is right POLO is because they ignore this simple information.

Now, living beings and human beings are made in the likeness of Mother Earth, our polarity is the same and if we nivelas energy charges the body, say the acidity that is negative (-) (less hydrogen) and alkalinity is positive (+) (more hydrogen), we must do the same polarity pushing the earth and thus the NORTH and SOUTH REAL REAL.

On this basis can one account as some therapists and therapies applied in a manner contrary magnets and not to say that so do unipolar.


Always, throughout the ages from the great Egyptian empire until our recent days there have been theories and practices that impact magnets may achieve therapeutic, healing and even medicinal and curative effects, but so far they had merely been magnets without specifications material magnetization, power, technique or methodology applied unipolar mind.

Unlike simply applying magnets to the body for therapeutic purposes, which was discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz in magnetism was the BiPolar application and this is what revolutionized use above knowledge were passed him by Dr. Richard Anton Broeringmeyer, physical investigator hired by NASA and was a pioneer in the research and development of theories and practices to improve health with magnetic fields experimenting and getting the results astronauts return from their missions of space when they arrived with nutritional and shortening in the hemicuerpo decompensation.

The great discovery of Dr. Goiz is watching BIPOLARITY in pathologies. That is, a disease is caused by an energy imbalance and this imbalance creates two points of imbalance in the body, one on the acidity and another in the alkalinity, one negative and the other positive, the point of balance is generally supported in the hemicuerpo opposite each other. This means that to regenerate health or treating a pathology must find BIOMAGNETICO® PAR points, ie the magnets impact the body one of the positive sides of the downside, this discovery by Dr. will Goiz hidrogeniones loads are pushed, the pH (potential of hydrogen) Cell inner which must be a neutral pH of 7.4.

The Biomagnetismo Médico® and Par Biomagnetico® relieve symptoms but do not seek to neutralize the energy dysfunction most likely cause the symptoms, or if deeper dysfunction may be the energy that sustains another energy disjunction his look because this symptom or health problem . So the pair Biomagnetico® balances and neutralizes the problem and not the cause of the problem.

 Note: For optimal use of this technique is the most desirable resort to a therapist student Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetismo or if you have completed the study of this therapy in a teaching center or university or institution authorized by the Mexican College or Dr. Isaac Goiz.

The Biomagnetismo Médico® and Par Biomagnetico® techniques are discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz and are registered for the same brands and the Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetismo and like all the research and publications out there about these techniques are protected intellectual property.



he justification lies in the principles of physics and distension and contraction of body imbalance levels on impact with a higher magnetic field than 1000 gauss magnetic flux this being a magnet minimum 3kg. clamping according to the findings of Dr. Isaac Goiz.

For this is for the negative torque alkalosis body, ie the point with a high pH, the way to identify it be known that the right foot will shrink, this is due to cutting and contraction of energy communication to drive the load with the magnet in negative in an alkaline extent summarized in the contraction of muscle mass, is the potassium in the muscle allowing the side of the body or foot to shorten presence magnetic against unbalanced loads. Then is when you should seek the point of acidotic resonance with the + (either north or south, as you want to call it) to push the loads to 7.4 ph level that is neutral or ph water.

Other therapies are MONOPOLAR Biomagnetismo means that the magnetism should ALWAYS hit a pole + and one - otherwise there can be no therapeutic effect as therapy.


A T E N T I O N   T H E R A P I S T S 

Most important for the practice of Biomagnetismo should not be the extent to which Gauss is the indicator of the magnetic flux if should not be fixed clamping force in Kg., And this must be for trips of 3 Kg but the magnet whether to always have at least 1000 gauss.


The clamping force Kg we determine the distance of penetration of magnetism in a body. So obviously the more clamping Kg have magnet be more penetration distance into the body.


"As a magnet exerts 1000 gauss and 3 kg holding at least this will be perfect for therapeutic purposes"


Now of course that the higher clamping force will be better for the patient and therapist and moreover we have the size of the magnet which among biggest size is therefore more encompassing. So the size / power combination is most important and so on I-manes® and Skuers® are designed the perfect magnets to cover these requirements.

E l e q u i p o  d e  I - M A N E S. c o m / S u k e r s ®




A gauss (G ) is a unit of measurement of the magnetic field from cegesimal System of Units, named after the german physicist - mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss ( 1777-1855 ) who applied mathematical principles to a magnetic field.

The gauss is the unit with the given magnetic field measurement , measuring magnetic flux density or magnetic induction aka while the intensity of the magnetic field measured by the oersted .

Gauss 's rating of a magnet determines the speed with which it works , and the thickness determines the depth of penetration.

A gauss is defined as a Maxwell per square centimeter.
1 gauss = 1 maxwell / cm2

The measurement unit of the International System of Units for the magnetic field is the tesla .

10,000 gauss is equivalent to 1 tesla .
10 000 gauss = 1 telsa

GAUSS approximate examples of ...

Human Brain : 0.000 0001 gauss
( one millionth of a gauss )

Surface of the Earth: 0.31 to 0.58 gauss

Earth Core : 25 gauss

Refrigerator Magnet : 50 gauss

Small iron magnet 100 gauss

Small Magnet Neodymium 2000 gauss ( 0.2 telsa )

Electrified magnet or electro - magnet: 15 000 gauss (1.5 telsa )

Medical MRI machine : 70 000 gauss (7 telsa )

Powerful Magnet Laboratory 100 000 gauss (10 smooth )

Star Magnetar : 1 000 000 000 000 000 gauss
(one trillion gauss or smooth 1 trillion ( long scale figures ) )

Neutron Star : 100 000 000 000 000 000 gauss
(one hundred thousand trillion or 10 trillion gauss telsas ( long scale figures ) ) :

The latter is the upper limit to magnetism studied , there is a magnetic field stronger than which there is knowledge in the universe.


A magnet emits two different measures of GAUSS .


Some websites and companies that sell magnets put the number of gauss without mentioning whether they are internal or external , so put the highest figure in this way do not mention the number of external Gauss .

Many manufacturers of magnetic products do not specify the number of Gauss in their products because of the confusion that a rating may cause .

With a gaussmeter can automatically find and correct issues a few external GAUSS MAGNET also can calculate the number of GAUSS using a complex mathematical equation of Maxwell.

To find the internal gauss ballpark figure 3.95 is multiplied by the number of external gauss , but if the resulting number exceeds 12 800 gauss , you can no longer trust this result , since this is the maximum aje gauss may contain a neodymium or Alnico magnet . The minimum internal force has to be 3950 .

As exaple..

A 1000 gauss magnet outside contain very approximately 3950 internal gauss .

The Gauss rating of a magnet can be misleading , Since the magnetic field strength falls off very rapidly from the surface of the magnet while it moves away from the target area.

The magnet itself does not determine their strength or magnetic flux or total gauss for this are considered.

1. The item ( Alnico , Smco , NdFeB , Ferrite )
2 . The diameter ( determines the amplitude )
3 . The thickness (which determines the flow force )
4 . The degree of magnetization.


Larger magnets create larger fields but no more potent.

Is the thickness that determines the degree of power after magnetization .

The more comprehensive the lower the power field .

A magnet has to be strong enough to penetrate deep into human tissue.

For example, to penetrate to depth should be ...

A Ferrite magnet least 3,850 gauss should have equivalent internal external 987 gauss .

A neodymium magnet average magnetization mind gets easily exceed this minimum so it can reach deeper tissues and to penetrate ...

1-3 " inch must have a minimum rating of 987 gauss external force .

3-6 "inches of penetration the magnet must have 2.800 to 3.200 gauss external rating .

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