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Always, throughout the times from the great Egyptian empire to the present day, there have been theories and practices that by impacting magnets it is possible to achieve therapeutic, healing and even medicinal and curative effects, but until now they had simply been magnets without specifications of the material, magnetization, power, technique or methodology and applied unipolar mind.

Unlike simply applying magnets to the body to achieve therapeutic effects, what Dr. Isaac Goiz discovered in magnetism was the BiPolar application and this was what revolutionized its use beyond the knowledge passed on to him by Dr. Richard Anton Broeringmeyer, a research physicist hired by NASA and who pioneered the research and development of the theories and practices of improving health with magnetic fields, experimenting and obtaining the results with astronauts upon their return from space missions when they arrived with nutritional decompensation and with a shortening in the hemibody.

The great discovery of Dr. Goiz is the observation of BIPOLARITY in pathologies. That is to say, a disease is caused by an energetic imbalance and this imbalance creates 2 imbalance points in the body, one in acidity and another in alkalinity, one is negative and the other positive, the imbalance points are generally supported in the opposite hemibody of each other. This means that to regenerate health or treat a pathology, the points of the BIOMAGNETIC PAR® must be found, that is, the magnets are impacted on the body, one on the positive side and the other on the negative side, this according to the discovery of Dr. Goiz will make the hydrogen ion charges are pushed, the internal pH (hydrogen potential) of the cell which must be a neutral pH equal to 7.4.

Medical Biomagnetism® and Biomagnetic Pair® do not seek to alleviate symptoms but to neutralize the energy dysfunctions that most likely cause the symptom, or if we go deeper, it may be the energy dysfunction that sustains another energy disjunction that in turn causes the symptom or health problem . That is why the Biomagnetico® pair balances and neutralizes the problem and not the cause of the problem.

Note: For the optimal use of this technique, it is best to resort to a therapist who is a student of the Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetism or, where appropriate, who has studied this therapy at a teaching center or institution or university authorized by the Mexican College. or Dr. Isaac Goiz.

Medical Biomagnetism® and Biomagnetic Pair® are techniques discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz and are registered trademarks of him and the Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetism and, like all research and publications on these techniques, are protected intellectual property.