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Imanes by I-MANES® 
Es la marca especializada en imanes de ferrita y neodimio
para las terapias de Biomagnetismo Médico y Par Biomagnetico

Online sale Skuers® accessories> I-MANES®.com

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Kit Neodimio LCZ 10 X

Neodymium Slim 10X Kit skuers®

229,90 €

Basic KIT ferrite magnets skuers

KIT basico imanes ferrita LC 10X skuers®

143,99 €
Before: 266,20 €
Now: 199,00 €

Pair of NON MAGNETIZED magnets Skuers® FNM - Ferrite Leather Block M - Placebo Effect ...

PLACEBO, NOT MAGNETIZED Magnet measurements: 5 cm x 2.5 cm ...

14,52 €
0,4 KGfuerzaNdFeBN

Neodymium Magnet Disc 4x3

Size: 4mm X 3mm -

0,22 €

Sistema de imanes NeoRut®


100,00 €
6,99 €
15,25 €
6,99 €
Choose Color
15,25 €
Choose Color
19,99 €
22,99 €
10,99 €
10,99 €
10,99 €

Skuers High Breathability FaceMask Size L (men)

BIOMASC White - Size L (hombre)

10,99 €
New  Mascarilla Skuers® de Alta Respirabilidad Blanca Talla XL
10,99 €

Biological Effects of the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Free Download - Doctoral Thesis by Dr. Enrique de Juan ...