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Pair of Skuers® Magnets Face Bipolar / Skin Neodymium N52 AXIAL - Disc S ★★ ★ ★ 13KG / Caliber 5mm

13 KGfuerzaNeodimio N52
Par de imanes Skuers® Doble Polaridad
Par de imanes Skuers® Doble Polaridad
Par de imanes Skuers® Doble Polaridad
Par de imanes Skuers® Doble Polaridad
Par de imanes Skuers® Doble Polaridad
Price: 35,00 €

Pair of Skuers® Magnets Face Bipolar N52 Skin-Neodymium AXIAL Disc - S

Diametral Magnetization (Double polarity on the same face) that allows impact in the same area with both polarities as well as reducing the margin of error in common pairs.

Maximum degree of magnetization - N52

✓ (+) RED cowhide nappa leather
✓ (-) Black cowhide nappa leather
✓ Double seam reinforced with coating
✓ Degree of magnetization N52
✓ 13kg clamping force
m Measurement of the magnet: 3cm X 0.5cm
* Made in Spain

Quality ★★★★★
Strength ★★★★ 13KG

(Holding force is from the magnet without the liner)

Skuers® is the brand designed by student therapists of dr. Isaac Goiz discoverer of Medical Biomagnetism and Biomagnetic Pair.

Skuers® is in charge of proactively satisfying the needs of therapists by gathering and experimenting with the best materials according to therapy.

The idea was born at the beginning of 2011 in Mexico City, consolidating itself as a brand until the end of 2012 in the north of Spain after months of research and the collaboration of some of the most outstanding therapists, students of Dr Goiz, as well as the AEBM (Spanish association of medical biomagnetism) and the CMBM (Mexican College of Medical Biomagnetism).